Scott Had Financial Stake in Fracked Gas Pipeline - Activists Say Florida is Not for Sale

Carlos Smith, Chair of the Orange County DEC, and local environmentalists held a press conference on Friday, July 25th, denouncing Governor Rick Scott’s financial ties to the Sabal Trail pipeline, which will carry volatile fracked gas near cities and ecologically sensitive areas.

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Activist Actor Mark Ruffalo gives Shout-Out to Florida for All & Support for Renewable Energy

Press Conference to expose Rick Scott’s financial gain from the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

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Scott Finally Answers a Question - And You'll NOT Be Surprised by His Answer

Just when you thought it was never going to happen, after two weeks of ridicule and exasperation from Florida and national press, Rick Scott actually answered a question.

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Rick Scott Continues to Dodge Questions about His record

Rick Scott continues to keep Floridians in the dark about his record. Watch the video after the jump.

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Democratic Leaders Target Rick Scott for His Anti-Latino Policies

The message to the governor was three months of political pandering and ads with Scott speaking broken Spanish could not erase three years of anti-Latino policy.

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